Enterprise Data Warehouse on Teradata / Multi-Domain Operational and Analytical MDM

The solution involves two parallel activities. The first is a new MDM solution built with Magnitude MDM to replace an existing MDM started ten years earlier. The new MDM not only uses the latest technology, but also reflects the latest business model and requirements that have evolved over the decade. Product, Customer, People and other subject areas are included, and the solution supports analytics and operational requirements with bi-directional interfaces to SAP and other systems.

The second component is a new data warehouse built on Teradata. Multiple ETLs tools are used and BI is currently delivered to the business through Qlik, SSAS, ProClarity and Sisense. The initial go live focussed on sales data but has been extended to include conformed profitability, pricing, revenue management and plan / target data from SAP, CRM Salesforce, Cognos TM1, legacy applications and multiple external feeds. It also supports complex two-way interfaces with SAP APO for Demand Sales History and Forecast, integrating company master data definitions with transactions and data transfers to external partners. Multiple ETL and BI teams have been involved, but the core architecture and design responsibilities including all modelling, functional specifications and back end build continue to be our responsibility.

Business users actively use the system for analysis and reporting on company conformed data, fully trusting its integrity and correctness. As a result, several legacy applications, interfaces and servers have been decommissioned saving significant costs as well as ensuring the ongoing viability of the solution.

  • Data Integration strategy to support cross-functional capabilities in accordance with the identified and confirmed business requirements
  • Requirements confirmation, modelling, design and back end build of the EDW and MDM
  • Complete kit of documentation including data warehouse standards and architecture layers, conceptual data models, ETL functional specifications and processes to extract metadata.
  • Implementation plan and schedule; tracked and delivered on-time

Enterprise Data Warehouse on Teradata / Multi-Domain Analytical MDM

Although the customer had multiple data warehouses and analytical solutions, this was the first data warehouse to reflect an enterprise view. The Enterprise Data Warehouse is built on Teradata using Magnitude DIW. Back-end integrations rely on Informatica and custom ETL. Front-end tools include Cognos Reporting and Cognos Analytics, QlikView as well as multiple pull and push interfaces with legacy systems. Financial Sales Analysis and Reporting, Pricing and People Analytics, Global Tax and Duty KPIs are just a few examples of the solutions effectively used by the business customers that are built on top of the EDW.

  • Responsible for architecture, model and design of the EDW and with a long-term strategy for updates and extensions
  • Design and implementation of a cross functional MDM to support Analytics and Consolidation processes, using Magnitude MDM

A well-designed architecture along with a robustly built data foundation has guaranteed the solution’s vitality and adaptability to changing business requirements over time, just as its ability to serve as a viable environment for financial performance analysis across multiple business functions while withstanding the inevitable business merges, acquisitions and spin-offs.


Enterprise Data Warehouse on Oracle / Multi-Domain Analytical MDM

Activities included transitioning a legacy multidivisional Data Warehouse into a modern business environment integrating existing sales transactions with financial sales from a variety of sources. Functionality was extended into adjacent subject areas over time. The core EDW is delivered with Magnitude DIW using custom scripting for staging and presentation layers along with Informatica ETL, Magnitude MDM to manage hierarchies and relationship, Excel, Cognos Reports, Qlik and legacy interfaces.

  • Data Warehouse and MDM solutions integrating financial data from SAP and Oracle HFM with CRM data from cloud-based Veeva and mobile intelligence applications into a common BI reporting framework
  • Design and implementation of security controls to mask private and medical information

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