invenstiing ltd guide binary option In addition to specific skills and experience, we are all experts with Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse (DIW) and Master Data Manager (MDM) and have experience on both Oracle and Teradata. Full resumes and reference are available on request.  

Peter Lambheadshot-dadÄ ‰Şĺ © Peter Lamb has thirty years of experience in information systems consulting and training with the majority of it focusing on data warehouse, master data and planning systems. On behalf of his various customers, he has acted as lead data architect on multiple projects. He has also worked with the business and requirements teams to build up numerous data models to support cross functional, enterprise wide data warehouse and master data solutions. In some cases, these solutions have taken the forms of a single data warehouse, while others are ‘federated’ solutions that support implementations in different regions, allows local extensions, and customization to a core-shared solution. In addition to taking the lead on projects, Peter has taken on the role of global BI architect, providing high level architecture and direction to different implementation teams from a number of system integrators. He has also offered coaching and consultation throughout the projects and, in a QA role, assuring all standards were met as part of the implementation.

fare soldi internet onestamente In addition to a number of custom build solutions, Peter has been the lead architect on six Kalido DIW and five Kalido MDM implementations. He has assisted on three other DIW implementations and presented at a number of conferences on strategies for effective delivery of MDM.

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Edward LoDSC_2327

go Ed Lo has over twenty years of experience in the analysis, design, development and implementation of software systems. In addition to BI implementations for CPG and pharmaceutical companies, Ed has spent considerable time on a number of data warehousing and data migration engagements in the insurance and banking industries, with a focus on end-user initiatives such as actuarial portfolio analysis, regulatory reporting, risk management rating models, and industry policy setting. Ed is a certified accountant (C.M.A.) and a professional engineer (P.Eng.). He has a Masters’ degree in Business and an Undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering.

follow Ed has extensive experience in the design and build of systems using Kalido MDM, having been involved in the design and build of four complex implementations. He has worked with Kalido DIW on multiple projects on both Oracle and Teradata.´s-acai-superbowl-it-contains-cacao-nibs-group-a-acai-group-c-and-granola-which-i-assume-has-oatmeal/  

Irina SavchenkoDSC_3857 Irina Savchenko has a strong background in analytical systems and significant professional experience since attaining a Masters in Applied Mathematics. She has implemented multiple forecasting and planning solutions and has extensive experience in the design of multi-dimensional cubes to support analysis. In her role as the BI Support Manager for a major Canadian company, Irina gained familiarity with many aspects of data warehouse and master data systems, from ETL design, to planning cubes, and BI reporting. She has direct experience with multiple BI tools as used in different environments. Irina also has a strong understanding for BI project management and has a Professional Certification in Management.

gcm forex nasıl kullanılır Irina’s recent projects have focused on Kalido DIW, with experience on both Oracle and Teradata.